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Welcome to The Association of Spiritualists and Healers, Birmingham's independent centre of healing and spirituality since 1989.


We offer complementary healing and spiritual development in the warm and comfortable surroundings of ASH House Spiritual Retreat. For over 30 years, our ethos has been to unite in our desire to develop our spiritual and psychic gifts.  We do so with an inclusive, non-commerical attiude to profit or gain.


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Our Founders

Paddy Sterrett

Founder and President of ASH CENTRE

International medium, author and philosopher, Paddy co-founded ASH with his wife, Pat Sterrett in 1989.


Although Paddy passed into Spirit in 2008, his philosophy, guidance and healing is still at the very heart of ASH and his loving presence is sensed by all who come here.

Patricia Sterrett

Founder and Director of ASH CENTRE

Pat is a widely respected healer and Reiki Master, and the co-founder and director of ASH.


With a background in education and social care, Pat became a Spiritual Healing in 1980 and has since infleunced generations of healers and spiritualists around the world.

The History of ASH

ASH was officially established on 6th April 1989,  as a small group of twelve friends who had met informally for two or three years at 12 Poppy Lane, Erdington.  Numbers soon increased to such an extent that we had to find suitable premesis to accomodate our growing numbers.

We moved to Kingsbury Road Community Centre: a picturesque Victorian home left by its original owners to the people of Erdington.  For nearly three years we met there for four days each week, using two large upstairs rooms to continue with our teaching, meditation and Spiritual Development circles.

Initially known as the Thursday Club, we chose the title 'Association of Spiritualists and Healers' as a name to live up to - we were (and are!) a friendly group of spiritualists and healers and this new title was deemed most representative of our meetings and our aims.

We continued to grow and, after a few months of meeting at the Community Centre, we started a weekly Sunday Service with clairvoyance, which continues, but since the pandemic, is now held bi-weekly - and remotely on Zoom.
We started to teach Spiritual Healing a month after starting our meetings at the Community Centre, and we offered weekly spiritual healing sessions, as well as free distant healing (which is still available today for those who request this service.)

Sadly, youths set fire to this Centre in 1991 - whilst we were holding a Sunday Service upstairs - and this resulted in the immediate closure to the public of this popular and well-loved venue; the grounds have since been transformed into a housing estate.

Luckily, we were offered rooms for hire at the Friendship Hall, Erdington, next to the police station, and we enjoyed meeting at this venue for nearly three years - but then new management upgraded their fees to such a high level, that we were forced to move again, and happily we were welcomed to the beautiful Lyndhurst Centre Community Hall, Erdington.  We remained here until 1994 when Patricia's mother, Winifred Rogers, passed to Spirit World, and ASH members decided to return to their original venue at ASH House, Poppy Lane, Erdington where we would now have a large room in which to hold our meetings. 

We still meet at this Spiritual venue today.   Patricia Sterrett has taught Healing since 1989, and the Healing school has provided opportunity for numerous people to train as Reiki, Crystal and Spiritual Healers, and Spiritual Mediums.

Paddy Sterrett,  Life President of ASH Centre, passed to Spirit on 4th October 2008, but his wife, Patricia, continues the incredible legacy of ASH, with the help and support of trusted ASH Members and friends.

Our Aims and Objectives

The Association of Spiritualists and Healers has operated for over 30 years on a non-profit,         non-commercial basis,  according to our shared commitment 


 •   To encourage love, peace and understanding

 •   To share knowledge received from Spirit with those wishing to learn the Spiritual Philosophy          of life

 •   To seek only truth and knowledge from the Higher Realms

 •   To give service to the community and to those in need

 •   To lead others by example  - and to work willingly and enthusiastically to fulfil these aims



We continue to honour the teachings of our founder: Paddy Sterrett -  and the spiritual and life philosophies he shared through his spiritual guide: Father Sean O'Leary.  


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ASH House

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Our Log Cabin Healing room

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