WHAT IS LOVE                              Steve Stone 

There are many kinds of love:-


  • There is the love of money,
  • There is the love of material things,
  • There is the love of power.
  • There is the love of another - and of course,
  • There is the love of the Self.


With all these to choose from, which one would help us upon our journey?

Which one would give us what we need?  Not what we want - but what we need to help us on our journey of life.


The Buddhists will tell us that selfless love is the way forward.

That's all well and good, but what if it is in our nature to be inherently selfish?


What if we find it extremely difficult to be selfless, simply because we want everything for ourselves. How do we progress under such circumstances?


First of all, we must accept ourselves for who we are - acceptance is the key.


Next we must forgive ourselves for being who we are -


And then comes the hard part, as we must strive in some way to better ourselves.


The degree of which is determined by our conscience. 


It doesn't matter how much, or how little, we do with regard to spiritual growth, as long as we do something. - and if we can take the time just to do one little thing for someone else, without any kind of ulterior motive, and without any thoughts of returns in some way, then we are making progress.


One might be tempted to think to oneself: "What is the point of even trying?"  "Why should I bother?  Nobody cares about me anyway, so why should I care about them.


It’s not about caring for others - or whether they care for us, its about introducing something new into our mind set, or even into our life, and that newness is doing something for another, with no thought of return in any way.


If you can do this, just once, then you may break the back of a mind set which will bring you nothing but loneliness and solitude,  and it will introduce you to a new world of people who will be grateful as well as those who will take you for granted.


The ones who take you for granted will provide you with a marvelous opportunity to gain tolerance and patience, which again will afford you spiritual growth.






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