PADDY'S SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY         Given through Paddy by Catholic priest:  Father O'Leary,  who was Paddy's Spiritual Guide and a close friend on earth. 






Do not bring your sadness into my heart. I need a hug and a smile,
And for those two things I would walk a mile.


You may not realise, just now, how great I feel within, at the thought of
the adventure and the journey I am about to begin.


I have enjoyed my time amongst all those who have been my friends.
I have enjoyed the love and support of my family over many trying years,
and I can remember the good times and the bad times, each with the same
level of thought and consideration; for both taught me lessons of how to
live with my fellow man.


While I understand your sadness, I would feel better if you were to share
joy and help me to prepare for my journey back to the home that I left
so long ago; my home in Spirit!  I left there years ago to be with you all here
on this earthly world.


It is the strength of the love that each of you have afforded me, together
with the compassion that you all have shown me during my illness, that
has helped me to prepare for this very important event in my lifetime
upon this mother earth


Though I will no longer be with you here in my physical presence, you will
be aware that I have not left your side - but that I have simply rid myself
of the burden of physical pain and suffering that this body, which has
served me so well over the years, now imposes upon me.


Let us not say 'Farewell!' nor 'Goodbye!' Let us instead say: "So long
until tomorrow, when we will meet again in a new way, and with a whole
new context to our friendship through Spirit.


Give me that hug and that smile, for which I would walk that mile.                       For my body is weak, and the journey would be too much.

Then hold my hand until I have set foot firmly on my new pathway of life.




Each and every living person upon this Mother Earth has one thing in common:The energy of life.  This  energy enables us to have a life, upon this earth and it comes from the Spirit energy field that we call: "he God Force."


Over the years, long before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, man upon this earth, seeking power - and a desire to control man, devised his own images of the God force, and laid down dogma and rules by which the followers of their particular cult, religion or sect were required to follow.


Thus began the development of the vast number of different religions, cults and sects that are spread all over the world today. Looking closely at the rules and guidelines dictated by each one of the separate branches of ‘religion’ it becomes clear that, although they all claim to worship various God’s or Prophets, the basis of their religions is the power to control those who follow their doctrine or beliefs with man-made rules.


The level of this control in some instances is immense; their followers being encouraged to believe that failure to obey, or practice the various rituals or dogma, carries horrific punishments and retribution. This belief demonstrates of course, that all of these religions with their man-made dogma are false -  because unlike Spirit, the rules are maintained purely through fear of what might happen if people don’t live within the framework of the code for living that has been devised for them to follow.


Spirit, or the God force, does not want to be worshiped, nor idolized in the way that other religions require. Spirit wants man to accept that it exists - and to understand that the purpose of  its existence is to give life to every living thing that exists upon the planet Earth on which we live.


Spirit wants recognition for the contribution that it makes to help man create a place where love, peace and harmony are basic factors of life, available for all of us to enjoy.


Fear, and the failure to live up to any one specific dogma, is not part of life for those who walk a Spiritual Pathway while upon this earth. The achievement of a world that lives in Love, Peace and Harmony within all living souls upon earth, irrespective of the colour of the skin that they were born with, can only be achieved when every living soul accepts the God force of Spirit as their source of life upon this earth.


Spirit requires nothing more from us than our acceptance of its presence, and the acknowledgement of the inspiration and guidance that Spirit offers to each and every one of us  to enable us to enjoy life, and to construct, through our efforts, a world in which all of mankind plays a part.


Each of us on earth enjoys the fruits of our efforts. That is all that Spirit asks in exchange for the most valuable gift man will ever receive - the gift of the energy of life - 


This gift of life, in turn, enables the Spirit within our human frame to gain knowledge and experience of life,  whilst that human resides on Earth.


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