GRATITUDE                         Paddy Sterrett


When the light of the dawn peeps through my bedroom curtains, I thank my Spirit for another day upon Mother Earth.


When the darkness of the evening descends around me in the evening, I reflect upon all that I have undertaken, experienced and witnessed during that day, and then I give thanks to my Spirit for all that I have received.


I do not choose the days to be grateful for, and those which I am not grateful for - for the value of my days are within my own power to create. And when I fail, then I am the one to blame.


Each day is a gift, precious beyond measure, to be used beneficially.  If I fail to use it to benefit myself and my fellow man, then I have failed to accept how precious was that day, and it is lost forever, and will never be replaced.


Precious gifts we always treasure, for their value is great, yet the most precious of all in the world we undervalue, and it is ourselves who are the losers.


If we get a tomorrow, as we all hope that we will, then perhaps we will remember who gave us that day - and through a new line of thought, give thanks for the gift of the day, then remember its value, and use it well.


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