A NEW DAY - Paddy Sterrett


It is dawn, and the light of day is fast becoming brighter. For me it is a rewarding sight, for it means that the love and generosity of Spirit has afforded me another day of adventure upon this earth.

I feel, in return, that I must ensure that I use this God given opportunity wisely, so that I experience more of life's adventures – and in a positive and efficient way.

It will not be many hours before dusk, and then it will be time, once again, to lay my weary body to rest; so I must set forth, at great pace, to benefit from the hours, minutes and seconds that are available for me to-day. I must decide in which way I can embark upon today's adventure? To what purpose can I use this valuable time?

First I must find out what knowledge I need to acquire!  What are the needs of my fellow man? How can I contribute towards helping them to overcome their challenges in life?  What joy and happiness can we create together for those less fortunate than ourselves?

That inner voice, my guiding soul, will inspire me to find the knowledge I seek,      I know, if I listen, it will guide me to find the needs of my fellow man, and make these needs clear to me. This inner voice will give me the strength and ability to create happiness and joy in abundance, if I follow its inspiration.

To be rewarded in this way is indeed the greatest gift that the God force can grant to man. Each and every soul upon the earth is so rewarded, but many fail to understand the value of such a wonderful gift, and sadly the benefits are lost.

It is but a short time from dawn to dusk, but a time full of opportunity. There may not be a to-morrow, so ensure that you take all the opportunities that life affords you each day, and gain that precious experience that is there for you to enjoy.   



Friendship is a road with strength beyond measure

Reality is the key word of its structure.   

It grows with the years, and flourishes by the day, 

Envelops and creates joy, love, and understanding.

Never withers,  nor fades away, throughthe passing of time.

Defies the trials of life to weaken it or destroy it.

Shines forth in the faces of those who enjoy and create it

Helps overcome the hazards of life in all spheres.

Induces a strength of love that cannot be broken

Personifies everything that is good in life for mankind

That is why my friend, I am glad you are our best friend, and that friendship encompasses everything that true friendship means.

This is a poem that Paddy wriote and he ramed it  and gave it to our friend:

Charli Parsons




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