Please find attached a  philosphy created by founder Ash member:

Paddy Sterrett, through his spiritual guide: Father Sean O'Leary.  


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A long ray of light shines like a spot light through the chink in my bedroom curtains, heralding a new dawn - and a new day.


The Divine Spirit, in his wisdom, has extended the stay of the Spirit within my being, by another day. Another day in which to do all those things that I had failed to do, or had forgotten to do yesterday!


With each dawn comes new experiences, and with each new experience comes knowledge. Knowledge that is precious beyond measure; for it will enable me to deal with things that need my attention in a sensible and progressive manner.


It will enable me to help others by sharing that knowledge, so that they, too, can deal with their own needs in the same, successful manner, as    I have done myself.


But do I deserve another dawn, another day? Did I not waste that day that I was given yesterday? Perhaps my Spirit within has decided that    I deserve another chance!


I look at that long ray of sunshine as it lays its brilliant beam of light across my bed, and I wonder at its strength and brightness and I realise that this  is a symbol of what life is all about:  - brightness and strength.


What of the dawns when that great beam of light is not there? When the Sun is hidden behind gloomy black clouds; when everything looks, bleak and forbidding?  


This is when your faith and belief in yourself and the Spirit with you will stand its greatest test!  It is at these times, my friends, that the sunshine within your soul must reach forth and shine — not only around your own Being, but around others, like a brilliant beam of light that shines through our curtains.


The light within each and every one of us has brightness and strength.  It enables us to face all that troubles and trials that we come across in life, and we should use this light as a means of giving help and support to those weaker than ourselves.


Every new dawn is a gift from the God force. Give thanks for it! Appreciate it!
Cherish it!  -

Enjoy it  -  And make good use of it!


Every new dawn is a step towards making that final journey back to the comfort and safety of the world of Spirit - where you can use all that you have gained for the benefit of those on Earth who are still having to face the trials and tribulations of earthly life.
















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