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Having received my first Reiki Treatment from Patricia, it was a truly different level to any treatments I had previously received.
From beginning to end of treatment I knew I was being treated by a truly gifted Reiki Master who is very humble -  a true sign of a Master.
I truly sense from a spiritual, and from a Reiki healing energy point of view,  both have increased since my treatment.

Patricia has kindly agreed to teach me Level 3 and 4 and I know the Reiki spirit guides have led me to meeting a True Reiki Master.
Sat Chit Ananda, Kevin Smith.



The whispering call of Reiki had always been in the distance. That was until I was invited to spend the afternoon with three Reiki Masters one being Patricia Sterrett, the founder of Ash (Association of Spiritualist and Healers). During our lunching they collectively shared their experience, skills and teaching and I was instantly drawn to fulfilling my Reiki destiny. The next day after doing some volunteering work at Ash House, I noticed the creeping symptoms of sciatica, hence I contacted Pat and immediately booked myself in for a Reiki session with her and at the same time, I booked myself on to her private Reiki course for the following week. The results from my Reiki healing session were amazing and the experience was surreal. While relaxed on the healing bed I started to vision all of these wonderful colours of purple's and blue's which kept on merging out of each other. The systematic flow of colours resembled a Mantra as I started to sail deeper and deeper into a meditative state. The affirmation was clear, Reiki was definitely for me. 


I shared my experience with my two eldest son's who instantly expressed their interest in Reiki after understanding its meaning: Reiki = Rei: Universal, Ki: Life Force Energy. One being to young for the course and the other currently completing his GCSE's at present, I declined both of their request for starting the course with me much to their disappointment. 


The day of the course was beautiful. The sun was shining and the energy in the atmosphere was calming. Reiki Master Pat opened the front door dressed in all white and welcomed me in with a huge and a kiss. She took me through to the mystical log cabin at the end of the garden which is surrounded by Zen like mini ponds, trees and rockery. The log cabin was warm and cosy with Native American Panpipes playing. We sat down as she began to share the days agenda with me. Everything was written out clearly for me to understand while she began to teach me about the history, facts and hand positioning of Reiki healing. 


I experienced the four Reiki Attunements over a course of two days with my eyes close unaware of the rituals which were taking place around me. The sounds of the chimes and each location my Reiki Master Pat placed her hands registered with my ethereal body and I became more and more relaxed and absolute after each stage. 


During the morning of day two, I was handed a test paper to complete which consisted of a series of questions. In addition to this (the day before) I was tested repeatedly on hand healing positions and the names and contributions made by our Reiki Master forefathers and founder Dr Mikao Usui. By the end of day two Reiki Master Pat was teaching and supporting me on how to preform Reiki on a live subject. This was very exciting as I experienced the feeling and strength of Reiki energy following through me. A comment was made regarding the heat coming from my hands however my hands at the time we're extremely cold. I took my patience by the hand and she was amazed at just how cold my hands actually were! 


The defining moment came when I was informed that I had passed the Reiki Level 1 Healing Training. I was delighted. I was taught how to say thank you in Japanese (with a waist encouraged bow down and saying the word Namaste). My certificate was handed to me along with course information and a sense of overwhelming achievement came over me.


Having completed Reiki Healing Training level 1 I'm now preparing for Reiki Level 2 in the hope of one day becoming a Reiki a Master. Reiki has already changed my life and my way of thinking regarding helping and healing those both close and distant, and I intent to use Reiki from now on to heal all stress related illnesses. While currently being pregnant, I truly accept the fact that my unborn child has also been attuned, making her even more spiritually absolute then ever..........

Asha Henry. 











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