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Psychic  surgery is a form of Spiritual healing 

which takes place whilst our Healer is in a form of trance.


The depth of trance depends on the Healing Medium concerned: whilst some healers go into a very light trance, and are conversant with what is happening -  others are in a deeper state of trance, and some are in such a deep trance state, that they can remember nothing of the experience of the healing they have given to the client.


Healer, Steve Stone is in a light state of ‘control’ by his guide – which means that he is in a conscious state whilst he gives healing to his client. Steve will converse with his guide –  and with his clients, whilst the healing is taking place.


Steve’s healing Guide explains that he was a German Orthopedic surgeon in the 1930’s – and is known to Steve simply as ‘Doctor.’ 


The healing that takes placeb through Steve Stone is quite amazing, and clients can, and regularly do, reflect their healing experience in written testimony.





Are you sick, or injured, or in pain  -  or does someone you know need healing to relieve them of pain and suffering?


For further information please contact Steve Stone, Psychic Surgeon, 

who holds his Surgery Clinic at  Wylde Green clinic.


You can book your Private  Psychic Surgery Healing Session with Steve

at  a  time and day or week to suit yourself, but  treatments must be booked in advance.


A minimum fee of £10 is requested -  to pay for the hire of the clinic. 


Steve's healing sessions are sometimes held in a group situation and people present witness the healing as it takes place - and they can see for themselves the power of  Psychic Surgery and the effect that it has on his clients.  They  can read for themselves, the testimonials given by grateful clients who have received and benefitted by Steve's remarkable healing energies.


A large number of Written testimonials from clients are available to be seen on request.


Contact Steve Stone on:   07982 407219   to book your appointment


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