Healing sessions at Ash House


by appointment at times to suit the applicant 

Telephone Ash Centre on 0121 350 9169 to make your appointment.



                                   CERTIFICATED  HEALERS: 


PATRICIA STERRETT    Spiritual Healing,

                                        Reiki Healing                      

                                        Crystal Healing Therapist. 


                                                                                £20 for an hour long session.

                                         Tel: 0121 350 9169                                   




MARK HALL                   SHAMAN HEALER        £25 for an hour long session.

                                        Tel: 07742 966 073



YVONNE MITCHELL      SHAMAN HEALER        £25 for an hour long session.

                                        Tel:  97486 601 441








DISTANT/ABSENT HEALING   This service is given freely TWICE DAILY 

11am and 10pm.


Just jot the name and condition for which healing is required in the healing book, or phone or email us to give us  details and we will send distant healing.






Spiritual Healing is a natural healing remedy, known since the beginning of time.  Those who were sick used to visit the old man in the woods otr the 'healing lady' to receive healing, advice and guidance. Healing is a gift that most of us are capable of using, if we wish to do so.  Just as anyone would run to help a child who had tripped and hurt himself - perhaps giving the area a gentle rub and say some comforting words of assurance.




Healers are trained to certificated level before they are approved to administer Spiritual Healing for a fee.   Different Healing Schools have worked together to bring some degree of uniformity and conformity in Healer training.   


Schools connected to UK Healers have devised a Nationally accepted a Code of conduct and have agreed certain Ethics for healers in the UK  for the protection of healers and their clients..   



Patricia Sterrett  -   HEALER TRAINER


Patricia Sterrett, healer trainer, has studied Spiritual Healing with FIVE different healing organisations, and has taught students on behalf of all these organisations over the years.  

Her first Spiritual Healer training course was with the Spiritualist National Union in 1980 and later she qualified to Healer Trainer status with other Healing schools including: The Healer Practitioner Association, International, The Healing Foundation, the Universal Healing Association - & Holistic Healers Association International.


Patricia has trained Spiritual Healers successfully for several major healing organisations during the past tthirty years, and is proud of the fact that ASH Centre has become a well respected and well known Healer training school in the  West Midlands.  She is also dellighted that many of her students now provide Spiritual Healing sessions in hospitals, hospices, medical clinics and doctor's surgeries and at Health Fayres - and many have developed their own Healing Centres where they work professionally as fully Certificated and insured Spiritual Healers.


One of Patricia Sterretts students, Rose Gaymer,  was given the accolade of "Academic Student of the year" from the SNU - For although the student suffered from dyslexia, under Pat's tuition she achieved the  highest standard possible in her healing home study course. 


Pat has received many  positive testimonials with regard to her teaching skills,  and her healing and counselling gifts, and she is well respected by her students





The client may like to take of an overcoat or shoes, though this is not necessary.  Items of heavy Jewellery and watches etc., may also be put to one side whilst the healing takes place, though again this is not really necessary. It will only be taken off if the client feels more relaxed and comfortable without wearing it.


The client is asked to sit on a chair or to lie on a healing couch, which ever is the most comfortable.  They will be invited to relax and may be given a little guided relaxation exercise to enable them to relax their mind and body as much as possible.


Sometimes the client can feel the energies in the form of heat or cold, feeling a slight tingling  sensation or seeing colours.  These are just signals that the healing is taking place . This may not be felt by some people even though the healing is taking place just as effectively. 


The length of time a healilng takes place depends on how long the Healer is directed to give healing to the client. It can take from 5mins to an hour on some occasions. The healer knows when the healing energies have ceased to flow.


If you have not received Spiritual Healing before, don't forget to ask any questions you would like to ask about healing! 


The benefits of healling cannot be over emphasised! It can change lives!   .......     

sometimes it is easier to experience a healing  session to better understand how the healing energies work....  


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USUI TEACHING REIKI TRAINING COURSES AVAILABLE, Contact Pat for further details on all Reiki training requirements

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