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Psychic Surgery, Pranic Healing, Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing and Distant Healing are all available at ASH Centre.  Private 1 - 1 healing sessions are given in complete confidence.

ASH Healers are always available by appointment

Email:   or phone 0121 350 9169


Healing energies have been around since the beginning of time, just like the oxygen in the air, though we can't see it.  Healers have learned how to link into these healing energies to offer healing to all who request this service - People may suffer from emotional, mental or physical ailments which disrupt their lives, and the powerful healing energies can offer relief.

You don't need to be a believer.






Each of these different types of healing have one thing in common:           They all link into the same source of Healing Energy but use different methods.






Psychic Surgery is performed by a healer who works a little differently to healers,  in that they are often more visibly in contact with the Universal healing energies,  and they tend to have a little more physical contact with their clients.


Steve Stone is our resident Psychic Surgeon at ASH CENTRE, and he provides 1 - 1 healing sessions to those who make an appointment for this service.


Steve’s healing covers a broad spectrum and  he is noted for his work with pain relief including bone and muscular disorders.


Tel: Steve Stone on 07982407219

or Pat Sterrett to arrange a private 1 - 1 appointment   0121 350 9169





Spiritual Healers have learned how to link into the Spiritual Healing energies which are there for all to tap into and enjoy.  Spiritual Healers have  a very comprehensive training which may take up to 100 hours or more and covers all aspects, including learning different healilng techniques, including Anatomy & Physiology, Meditation exercises, Counselling skills, Administration techneques -  and much more! 

Healers also work within the guidelines of a  National Code of Conduct for Spiritual Healers.


The Spiritual healer have learned how to link into the Universal healing energies that are around us, though unseen. (Just as is oxygen in the air.) Healers can provide  healing energy for those who are suffering in mind, body and spirit.  These healing energies get to the route cause of the problem, not just at the site where the physical symptoms are felt.


Healing  energies relieve pain and suffering not only for human beings, but for animals too...




Reiki Healers are given profound Reiki Attunements from a Teaching Usui   Teaching Reiki Master.  These are Spiritual Rituals -  enable student healers to access the Reiki Healing Energies for themselves. 


Training is given in four different stages:-

Reiki 1 enables the healer to give healing to self, family members and friends 


     Reiki 2 - is the professional Level and it allows the healer to charge a fee

                     for his healing skills.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Reiki 3 is the Advanced Level -  Reiki Master Level 1  which teaches   

 different and more advanced techneques of using Reiki Healing techneques.


     Reiki 4  Teaching Reiki Master leavel. This leavel enables the Healer to

    give attunements to trainee Reiki Healers and includes additional symbols to be used by the Reiki Master only;.


Reiki training is short, compared with other Healing Techneques, as the training is  usually two days for each level of Attunement,  However Reiki is well respected and it is very effective and most people who have been taught Reiki Healing say that it has changed their lives for the better in many ways.




Crystals have been formed in many ways by the earth, and each crystal has its own properties which greatly enhance a Healing Session.

The Crystal healer understands the qualities of each crystal,  and has learned how to use them to the best advantage.

Energies can be proven by the use of Clear Quartz to enable wa


Those who are sceptical about the power of crystals should remember that quartz  crystals are used to fly spaceships - as well as  used in the mechanism of watches.  These gems from the earth are equally effective in enabling healing of our fellow man to take place.


Crystals are used in the healing process to balance our energy centres,       to relieve pain and suffering, and to aid mental, physical and emotional trauma.  Appropriate crystals are placed on or around the physical body to aid the healing process.




You will be asked to sit comfortably -  or to lie down on a Healing couch and to relax as much as you can. Soothing music is usually played to enable you to thouroughly relax and enjoy the session,  and enable the  healing energies to penetrate more easily.


You may be given a short guided meditation to help you to take your mind off situations that cause you stress. All that is said and done in the healing session is done with respect and in complete confidence.


When you are relaxed, the Healer will commence the healilng session and you may feel a light touch over the energy centres of your body, as the healing process takes place.  


The Healing session may last 15mins or 30mins or more, depending on the amount of healing enegies that you need.


Once balance is restored to the energy centres of your body, then you should feel the benefits, if not immediately, then in the following days.  




-  How do I choose which type of healing to try?


There are many different types of Healing available, and each aims to help a person who is suffering physically, mentally or  emotionally.  There is only one source of healing energy and hundreds of different ways in which healers can link into this energy!  I don't believe that one healing energy is more effective than the other! It just depends on the healers ability to effectively link into the healing rays.  You should go along with your intuition about which healing technique would better suite your needs. It is your choice.


All types of healing can be of equal benefit if the healing is given with the love and compassion of the healer and their effective use of the healing energies available.


Just relax and enjoy the sensation

and let the cosmos do its work.





Yes!  all animals,  including our pets,  very much benefit in many ways from all types of Spiritual & Reiki healing  -  and amazing cures have been made. Animals respond positively to Spiritual healing.  




Healers are freely given access to Healing energies, and this is why it is traditional for healers not to like to charge a fee to clients who benefit from their healing gift.  In spiritual churches a donation is usually requested.


However  Professional Healers need to earn their living in order to continue to offer their Healing Gift and they must charge an appropriate fee for their time and Healing skills.   The fee requested is included in the details they give about their healing sessions. 


If you would like to learn more about any of our healing courses, please see the relevant sub headings on your left.






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