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Kambo (also called Sapo) is a secretion which is collected from the Giant Amazonian tree frog (phyllomedusa bicolor) that dwells in the Amazon rain forest. 
Small superficial burns in the form of dots otherwise known as “gateways” are created before applying the medicine. Once applied it enters the lymphatic blood stream and the effect of the medicine is initiated. 
What to expect 
You will be asked to consume at least 2- 3 litres of water over a short period of time once the medicine has been applied, or as directed by the practitioners. Often there is a reluctance and a strong resistance to want to drink water and prompting may/will be necessary as this assists the purgative process. The effect of Kambo usually comes on quickly and lasts for a duration of approximately 30 to 40 minutes. A rise in temperature and heart rate are usually experienced, alongside fatigue and nausea, induced by the polypeptides within the kambo medicine. Purging involves vomiting and sometimes but not always diarrhoea. A bucket will be supplied for each person and there is a toilet nearby, should you need it. The more water you drink the better the purgative process and the better the clearance. Occasional ‘frog face’ may develop but this generally subsides quickly, not keeping the head in the downward position for too long usually helps prevents this. You are carer for and guided through the whole process by experienced practitioners. 
A light early morning breakfast is okay. Please fast 5 – 6 hours beforehand. Herbal teas, coconut water or sipping on plain water with a small amounts of sea salt is suggested to keep electrolytes in balance. Come with a clear intention of what you would like to work on. That said Kambo is a highly intelligent medicine and you will always receive what you need at the time. 
What to bring 
Yoga mat 
Change of clothes and under wear 
3 – 4 litres of bottled water 
Why Kambo? 
Kambo is considered by some to be the most powerful medicine. It is a transformative tool for healing and is frequently referred to as a “warrior medicine”. Historically it was the tribes of the Amazon such as the Matses who regularly used Kambo to;  enhance acuity and precision before a hunt, for virility, stamina, courage and strength. It is believed that panama (negative energy) can be released. Today in the Western society Kambo has become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons which include; 

- Clearance of negative ruminations and toxic mental states
- Assisting autoimmune inflammatory conditions
- Alleviating anxiety and depression
- Supporting fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
- Elimination of bacterial and fungal infections
- An adaptogen to help buffer the response to stress
- Inhibition of cancer cell production
- Addictions
- Alzheimer’s disease
- Kambo has analgesic effects on pain (stronger than morphine & without the side effects)
- Lowers blood pressure for people with hypertension
 - Parkinson’s disease
- Vascular problems
- Hepatitis
- Diabetes
- Rheumatism
- Infertility
- Male virility
- Strengthening the immune system

Rewards of Kambo 
Once the medicine is removed the body recovers very quickly. A period of rest may be required, but generally individuals feel physically refreshed within the hour. Generally, Kambo is known to increase compassion, courage, emotional stability and personal sovereignty. Other benefits include luck, increased intuition and the ability to manifest positive thoughts or visuals into reality. Kambo can break addictions and is a body / mind /soul life reset. Removing toxins and illness, boosting immunity and strengthening the body, leaving you feeling more energetic, balanced, centred and stable. It is a highly respected, powerful and beautiful medicine. 


ASH members: £100

Non Ash Members: £120

One to one private sessions: 
ASH members:  £150, excluding travel expense.

Non ASH members: £170, exclusing travel expenses



Contact Yvonne: 07486 601441


About Yvonne

My journey with Kambo started in 2017 after I returned from the Amazon. I have been receiving Kambo when called by the medicine for continued self-healing or when my body requires a reset . Yep, I can honestly say that it is a highly intuitive medicine !. I feel it has strengthened my immune system. I am physically stronger and healthier. I did battle with low moods and depression in the past. Mainly because I was not walking my true path. Kambo has helped clear my negative thought patterns and helped me realign my life. Recently I was called further onto my path and I am now humbled and honoured to be a medicine carrier and server of this sacred medicine. This is because I followed the call and went onto train with TJ who is a highly experienced energy worker and mentor. During my training I actually felt the medicine scanning me and I was made aware on a deep cellular level of areas in my body which I still need to work on. This is why I call it a highly intelligent medicine. The spirit of Kambo also told me that it had chosen to serve and heal mankind by offering its medicine to the world. For all of the above reasons I will always have a deep reverence and respect for Kambo. So, I continue to remain humbled as I witness the many healings that both I and others have received. Over the years. With that said, we are both looking forward to meeting you all and being able to assist each one of you on your individual healing paths. Viva Kambo ! 

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