Therapy, Healing and Psychic Readings at ASH

Spiritual Healing

Gentle healing, guided by Spirit, for mind, body and soul well-being.

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Reiki Healing

Gentle healing for emotional and spiritual well being.

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Crystal Healing

Crystal vibrational heaing to release blocks and encourage natural healing. Read more.

Tarot Card Readings

Intuitive connection to your Spirit Guides to help you to gain clarity and wisdom. Read more.

Past Life Regression

Uncover your purpose, resolve unanswered questions and experience your eternal self. Read more.

Psychic Readings with Denise

Angelic guidance to receve messages from your loved ones. Read more.

Gong Healing

To balance mind, body and spirit,  increase energy and well being and alleviate stress and anxiety. Read more.

Life Between Lives

Discover your soul’s purpose and find direct answers to your questions about your present or past lifetimes. Read more.

Spirit Guides

Connect with your guides to create a personal relationship and discover the best way to open and sustain communication. Read more.




Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Relief for depression, anxiety, all addictions, confidence, weight and medical issues, fears, phobias and more. Read more.




Massage Therapy and Healing

A variety of health-related purposes to relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce inflammation and increase relaxation. Read more.




Spiritual Awakening

A gentle awakening of your spirituality and intuition to activate your psychic abilities and connect to the loving presence of your Spirit Guides. Read more.




Ancestral Healing

 Transform patterns of limiting beliefs that have been passed down through your family line, recieve the blessings of your forebears and reclaim the positive spirit of family.Read more.

Psychic Readings with Charlotte

Healing, comfort, clarity and guidance filled with joy and laughter. Read more.

Twin Flame, Love and Relationships

Activate your twin flame connection, release blocks to love, and heal your past

relationships. Read more.


Wealth Wiring 

Rewire your brain to attract abundance and to release any blocks to wealth - using the power of your subconsious mind. Read more.

Spiritual Counselling

To help you to make sense of your Spiritual journey, overcome uncertainty and gain clarity on your next steps. Read more.

Soul Retrieval

Reintergrate your soul and body to feel more complete and greater peace with your past and in your present. Read more.

Kambo Healing

Amazonian warrior medicine for transformation, healing and the release of negative energies. Group and one-to-one sessions. Read more.

Guest Healers

We regularly host visiting Healers, Psychics and

Spiritualist Mediums.


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