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with a friend of ASH

Roy Sanyo

Psychic Surgeon from Wales


will be attending Ash on

Sunday 27th May


Please book your 30 minute session

between 10:00am - 3:30pm


Fee  £10 per Session £5 deposit will secure your place

Due to limited sessions it is  advised to book in Advance to avoid disappointment.


Psychic  surgery is a form of spiritual healing – which takes place whilst our Healer is in a form of trance.

Roy works with a team of healers from spirit side. They have chosen, to work with him, to help those on this side of life who have ailments of the physical body and of the mind.

The healing team will do their best to help improve the physical condition of the body. Sometimes a condition may have to be treated 2 - 3 times before it may improve. 

This gift was given to Roy in 2004 by spirit and he has been working this way ever since.

When he works with hands on the physical body, he concentrates on specific areas, eg head, shoulders, arms, elbows, stomach, hips, knees, feet, cervical (neck), thoracic ( middle) and or Lumber (Lower) back.

Other times, when he works off the body (not physically laying hands on the clients body), the healing team will work on the client's body, where they feel its necessary, but he will be sat a foot away from the client. 



Please contact Pat Sterrett on 0121 350 9169 for further details


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0121 350 9169


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