OM CHANTING CIRCLE WITH LINDA          (Lamski dask)

On the FIRST  Saturday in each month.

3 pm  – 4pm


                        FREE Entrance / Donation appreciated


I would like to invite you to our OM CHANTING CIRCLE, here, at Ash Centre   which is held on the first Saturday in each month.  


OM CHANTING IS FOR ALL!  OM is the Universal sound/vibration of creation, and is chanted by all faiths - and by those who don't have a faith!


This is a lovely group healing circle, that not only heals you, but as we chant 'OM', the healing radiates out to up to 2km, and so it also helps the people, animals and nature around Erdington and beyond too!


It is very simple to do, yet it is a very grounding and powerful technique.        Adults and children are welcome, but we do ask that you are able to sit in the circle for a period of 20 - 45 minutes to chant  the word:  OM.


I can honestly say it has changed and transformed my life completely.                    I started Om chanting about 3 years ago and have had the most amazing and uplifting journey.  It has brought me to the feet of my Guru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, and I have also been fortunate enough to meet many kind hearted, gentle and humble people.  I have also learnt a whole host of new things, that I never knew existed!


You don't need a fantastic singing voice to chant, so please don't be discouraged.  Just follow your heart and have a go!


The important thing is our 'Intention' and our 'Willingness' to ‘have a go.’


OM chanting has been reintroduced to the world, at this time, as it is in need of much upliftment and it is a lovely feeling to know that we are doing our part in this world, to help make this a better and more loving place for all. "As you give, so shall you will also receive!"


Please contact me if you wouldl like to learn more about our activities.  You can just turn up on the day, but it is good if you can contact me book your place at the meeting so that we have some idea of how many may be joining us on the day.


Do come and join us, you will be given a warm welcome and it will be lovely to meet you. 


Any questions, feel free to message me:


          Linda (Lakshmi Dasi)


Thank you.



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