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Perhaps you found you've been focussing more on your spiritual self during lockdown, or maybe your faith has been challenged as you’ve tried to make sense of the past weeks and months.

There’s a huge global shift right now - we’re all being called to ascend to a whole new frequency and this, Patricia, is going to take everything to a whole new realm.

Book your tickets now.

WHEN: Saturday 30th May 2020 2 - 3pm
WHERE: From the comfort of your home (Zoom event)
COST: £16

Contact Bryoney Whiteley direct or 

or contact Bryoney direct:  07808 240 608

You can expect to:

   Experience a deep, trance-like state of altered consciousness

   Raise the natural energy of your body to increase your intuitive sensibility and inner

?    Connect with your divine guidance and receive a personal wisdom, insight or

Plus, I’m going to share with you a great little technique which you can start using straight away to supercharge your spiritual practise!

This is for you if:


  • You’re ready to take your meditation, mindfulness or spiritual practices to a whole new realm


  • You’re starting to explore your spirituality and you’re open to an experience that will BLOW YOUR MIND

This event offers a not-to-be-missed opportunity to raise your vibration, increase your psychic abilities and connect deeply with spirit.

Book your tickets now.

WHEN: Saturday 30th May 2020 2 - 3pm
WHERE: From the comfort of your home (Zoom event)
COST: £16

Or  Contact Bryoney direct:  Tel:  07808 240 608 

Here’s what others are saying about this phenomenal process:

"I have never experienced such a deep awakening before, very magical!"
Yvonne, Slough

"It is realistic to say this is a life changing experience and you could have no one better to guide you along the way"
Sheryl, Dorset

"This really is the most precious gift anyone ever gave to me, I am so grateful to Bryony and so pleased she is doing this incredible work"
Bethany, Leicester


In love, riches and absolute certainty,

PS - you are never alone, you are always divinely guided, supported and loved.

It's time to connect with your Spiritual Awareness. your place NOW

PPS - this one's for the boys too! So be sure to forward and share with the conscious men in your life!



Bryony Whiteley

is a  therapist, healer and mentor the creator of the gold standard of life-changing programmes, Embodied Freedom. Her brand of transformation is far from generic. She’s here to help people like YOU  lead extraordinary lives, so you can overcome crippling emotional blocks for good, build a rich and balanced life, and claim your divine right to lasting happiness, love and abundance.

As a transformational leader, she helps talented and savvy women break free from limitations and rise into confidence, certainty and joy, so they can LOVE who they are and the life they lead.

Through practising healing and transformation for over 30 years and her experience of working with thousands of visionaries, change makers and entrepreneurs, Bryony learned that if you want to achieve your goals with ease, it’s all about collaborating with your mind. Armed with this realization, Bryony created her renowned integrative approach to transformation that allows her clients to eliminate toxic and limiting beliefs, self sabotage and doubt, automatically instilling the habits of positive thought and behaviour that will serve them powerfully and manifest their dreams with ease and grace.

Bryony is endorsed by the National and International Councils of Psychotherapists. She is a Rapid Transformational Therapy and Advanced Law of Attraction practitioner, certified Life Coach and energy and spiritual healer who uses quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetics to offer her clients immediate relief and permanent, life-changing results.

If you’d have told the younger Bryony that lasting love, happiness and success are so easily available, she’d have never believed it! Now she makes it her life purpose to share this wonderful truth with others, and
she’s never been happier.


Bryony Whiteley MNCP, International House, 12 Constance Street, London, E16 2DQ, United Kingdom









 6:30-8pm) - 8pm.#


Tune in a little earlier if you would like to make sure your zoom is working 





6.30pm - 8pm 




Please join us, using  using the following instructions. 


Zoom Link:


Meeting ID:    821 499 482

Password:      767869


Full instructions on how to join are below (for those who haven’t used Zoom before, it may be worth practising with the link in advance – once you’re in, it’ll show as ‘waiting for host to join’ until Sunday evening)


If joining on a smartphone/iPad:

  • Download the Zoom app from your App Store (the logo is a blue background with a white video camera shape on it).
  • Once installed, it may ask for your name, age (to check you’re over 18!), email, and access to your audio/mic during the call to enable you to hear/speak to us during the service.
  • When asked for a Meeting ID, enter: 821 499 482.  When asked for a passcode, enter: 767869
  • This should take you straight into the meeting room for the service


If joining on a laptop/computer/other tablet:

  • Visit the Zoom meeting room link at:
  • Click to ‘Open Zoom meetings’ when the box pops up
  • It may ask for your name, email, age (to check you’re over 18!), and access to your audio/mic during the call to enable you to hear/speak to us during the service.
  • You will be given the option to join with your computer’s audio (and given an opportunity to test your mic and speakers to check they’re working ok!).  If it’s working, this should take you straight into the meeting room for the service.


If you have no computer mic/speakers or the sound won’t work:

  • Click on the option to listen via phone call, instead of using your computer audio  This will give you a number of phone numbers – pick one and dial it without the _44 (use ‘0’ instead). 
  • When asked, enter the Meeting ID on the screen followed by the # key
  • When asked, enter the Participant ID on the screen followed by the # key
  • When asked, enter the passcode on the screen followed by the # key


Jaccy and I will be linking in  at 6pm on Sunday 12th April – before the service starts, and if you would like to join us, to see how this works for us, and to make sure you are linked in before the service starts, (as it is a new venture,) you are welcome to do so.


If you’re still having issues – drop Jaccy an email and she’ll help you sort it out, if possible!:



Weekly events that we hope to recommence

once the National lockdown is over!


  • MONDAY MORNNG weekly SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE – with Patricia Sterrett  11am – 1pm.   mainly for beginners though more experienced sitters welcome. Learn how to meditate and relax to link in with your spiritual guides and helpers.                                                                      This is a new Spiritual development circle which will he held weekly - on Monday mornings - as soon as the virus isolation is lifted.  11am – 1pm.                             Entrance fee  £8  -  or £7 for Ash Centre members.


  • TUESDAY morning Monthly day time SOUND BATH  CIRCLE               Using Singing Bowl & Gong Sound Therapy with Tracy Fahey.                 11am – 12 noon.  Entrance £10
  • Services cancelled until further notice.


Monthly THURSDAY EVENING SOUND BATH CIRCLE  with Tracy Fahey          -  4TH Thursday in each month.  7pm – 8pm. 

          Entrance £10

  • Services cancelled until further notice.


  • TUESDAY monthly MEDITATION & TO RELAX & RELIEVE STRESS -with Denise Richards  - CURATIVE HYPNOTHERAPIST   2nd Tuesday of each  month.    Entrance £7 for ASH MEMBERS.   £8 for non members.
  • Services cancelled until further notice.


  • TUESDAY  NEW Monthly SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT COURSE for absolute beginners with TRACEY GEE    3RD TUESDAY  EvENING .  of each month  7.30pm – 9.30pm   

£10 first down payment for non ASH CENTRE MEMBERS.                     Fee: £5 per session

Please contact Pat or Tracey to enrol or to obtain further details.

  • Services cancelled until further notice.


  • TUESDAY  Monthly TRANCE CIRCLE  with Lawrence Ahern –

           This special group is of interest to all those interested in working with Spirit

            whilst in an altered state of consciousness.   Entrance £10

  •    Services cancelled until further notice.


  •  PENTECOSTAL HEALING with ARJUN Paul.                                        (3RD Tuesday in each month)   7pm - 9pm

           Please book your appointment time in advance to avoid waiting.

           A donation to ASH Centre only is requested for Pentecostal Healing.

  •  Services cancelled until further notice.


  • TUESDAY Monthly  HEALING CIRCLE  with Wayne Hodson -   
  •  FOURTH Tuesday of each month. 7.30– 9.30pm    - Entrance £5 
  • Services cancelled until further notice.


  • WEDNESDAY weekly PSYCHIC & SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE                 For newcomers and more experienced sitters                                               With wayne Hodson, Donna Todd Thompson & Tracey Gee                                 7.30pm – 9.30pm         
  •  Entrance £8 or £7 for Ash centre members.
  • Services cancelled until further notice.


  •        NEW  Monthly. DRUMMING CIRCLE

                 with ROBERT HAWK Shaman  Healer

                 1ST  Thursday  of each month

                 Entrance fee:  £10

  •      Services cancelled until further notice.


  •  A new SIX WEEK  YOGA COURSE with Mark Finch, Yoga Trainer              7.00 –  8pm       Entrance £8.                                                                   Please contact Pat Sterrett by phone or email to register.
  • Meetings cancelled until further notice.


  • New:  SIX Week  INTUITIVE TAROT COURSE with    Denise Richards   

SIX  FRIDAYS Evenings - 7.30pm – 9.30pm  

New Course Starting Friday 1st MAY. Course Fee £95. –

or a weekly payment of £18 per session.

This course aims to enable students to give their own Tarot Readings.


  • Monthly Sunday Morning HAPPY HOUR SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE  11am - 1pm 

         This meeting is for beginners as well as more experienced sitters – everyone welcome            The group is held on the last Sunday in each month

          with Leaders:  Pam Carter, Wayne Hodson and Patricia Sterrett

           Entrance £5  includes a slice of cake and a cup of tea at the close of the meeting.

  • Meetings cancelled until further notice.









Usui  Reiki Master: Patricia Sterrett.


1 – 1  Training includes: Workshop training, Attunements,

A comprehensive Manual, and Handouts.


Contact Patricia Sterrett  by email or Tel: 0121 350 9169 for further details.





available from Healers at ASH CENTRE.  


         This service is offered free of charge and Healing prayers and Energy is           sent out daily


          by our dedicated team of Healers.


         If you would like to receive healing - or if you know someone who is in

         need of powerful distant healing - for any situation - at this  time, please

         email us information giving us details the client and  his/her health

         problem ,  and our Healers will be glad to assist by sending distant

         healing energies to those in need. #




Contact Details:

ASH Centre
12 Poppy Lane


B24 0EJ


0121 350 9169


Or use our contact form.

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USUI TEACHING REIKI TRAINING COURSES AVAILABLE, Contact Pat for further details on all Reiki training requirements

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