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Scott Lornie


Last Tuesday of every month

Contact Pat for next date


7.30pm - 9.30pm


Entrance Fee £10

The entrance fee for the Trance circle is paid for in advance,

 and sitters pay the following month's entrance fee on the day of the circle.


         During the weeks you will learn practiced techniques i.e:


  • Explore the many roles of trance mediumship.
  • Understanding your sensitivity and responses to spirit influence.
  • What meets the criteria of trance, how can you tell if it is authentic?
  • Trance and the relationship to physical phenomena.
  • Put your mediumship to the test and unlock your potential.
  • Trance and the relationship to physical mediumship.
  • Experience trance demonstrations.


Why not join our workshop with experienced and dedicated people at the spirit of life team to carry out group work and experimental circles, giving you the opportunity to learn by experience.


We will be allowing ourselves to simply become the channel for the spirit, by creating an environment which nurtures and encourages trust in ourselves and the spirit world. To be free to experiment and explore our potential. The altered states of awareness are a natural progression of your awareness unfoldment and a deepening of your relationship with those who support you in the spirit world. We are their voice. Therefore, we owe it to the spirit to be the best we can be, to act with integrity, sincerity and love for the greater good of all.


We will enlighten the potential within you which you do not see yourself and lead you to the threshold of your own understanding.


If you would like to take part in the new monthly please contact Patricia Sterrett on 0121 350 9169 to register


Please note:  This circle starts promptly on time and late comers cannot be allowed to attend because they would disrupt those present who are sitting for trance.  It is advised to attend at least fifteen minutes early to prepare for trance.


Contact Details:

ASH Centre
12 Poppy Lane


B24 0EJ


0121 350 9169


Or use our contact form.

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USUI TEACHING REIKI TRAINING COURSES AVAILABLE, Contact Pat for further details on all Reiki training requirements

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