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WEEKLY OPEN PSYCHIC AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE with Pat Sterrett and visiting mediums 7.30 – 9.30pm   This is an open circle for new sitters  as well as for those who have some experience.   We are a friendly, informal group of friends who try different methods of communication with spirit -  and who experience different ways to further developing their psychic and spiritual gifts.   Everyone welcome.  Just pop along on the day.  We will be pleased to meet you.    

Entrance from January 2018 -   £7.00 - or £8.00 for non ash members.


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Monthly TRANCE DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE with Scott Lornie - This group meets on the last Tuesday of month 7:30pm – 9:30pm.  Why not join our workshop with experienced and dedicated people at the spirit of life team to carry out group work and experimental circles, giving you the opportunity to learn by experience. We will enlighten the potential within you which you do not see yourself and which will lead you to the threshold of your own understanding.   Entrance £10


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Monthly SHAMAN HEALING WORKSHOP  with Mark Hall, Shaman Healer.  This small, friendly group  is held on the first Tuesday of each Month 7.30 – 9.30pm -  and we are looking at journeys in the middle world  - and how the past and future can be influenced by our intentions in the present. 

Entrance £10


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Twice Monthly Wednesday Afternoon SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE with Scott Lornie 1pm – 2.30pm.  Prompt 1pm start. 

Close 2.30pm.    For beginners, intermediate and more advanced sitters. Everyone welcome. This is where like-minded people come together to progress on their spiritual journey.

Entrance fee £8 - from January 2018    - or £10 for non members.


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Weekly Wednesday Evenings SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP with Scott Lornie -   7.30pm – 9.30pm.  In this circle we will cover all things to help you on your pathway, from understanding your mediumship and how you work, to psychic work like Aura readings and to working in the Altered states with Trance mediumship. This group welcomes newcomers and experienced sitters alike who wish to sit to develop communication with Spirit.  Entrance £8.00  -  £10 for non members.


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Thursday Evenings with Paul Nolan.  This is an open group for those who want to further develop their psychic and spiritual skills. Newcomers are always given a warm welcome to join us.

Entrance £7  or £8 for non members.


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