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I have been an Energy Healer since 1989. 


I Originally trained as a Reflexologist and Aromatherapist, where I practised from my home in Bristol until 2004 when I moved to Melbourne, Australia. 


In 1996 I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist holding Diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Stress Management. 


I also gained Certification as a Spiritual Healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and a Usui Reiki Master.


Ever since I was a child I had the gift of seeing the Aura,  and I could see things around people and converse with nature spirits.  This ability faded as I got older, however it returned after I had my children.  I have also experienced my own personal trauma which led me to having therapy myself!  


It was at this time back in 1999 that I met a lady who helped me to develop my gifts.   She taught me Tarot Card Readings and Energy healing through the chakra energy centres.  These influences led me to study further -  hence I became a Spiritual healer and Reiki Master.


I now use my skills to tune in to spirit and to the nature kingdom to give guidance and psychic readings with the Tarot  - and other Oracle cards. 


Often in times of stress we are confused and find it difficult to trust our own intuition, and when making decisions, our mind can become clouded - and so we find it difficult to access the right pathway.  However, with my gift of seeing the Aura , and using the Tarot Cards as a divination tool, I can gain answers to your questions and  gain insights to help you along your pathway.  


We are all spirits coming together in the physical realm in order to learn and to grow.  However life can be  full of material concerns and we forget the immense power of our spirit and the infinite source of energy all around us. 


A Reading can help to clear your mind and set you back on the right path. 


I look forward to being of service to you


With gratitude and love


Denise Richards




Professional On-Line Tarot Card  Reader

&  Clairvoyant Medium,


   Mia is also an  Angel card Reader and  she offers Life guidance.

       She is  also a qualified Angelic Healer,

   And A House Energy Cleanser


I am here to offer Telephone Readings and Guidance daily by request.  


At some time in our lives we all need somebody to talk too, somebody who understands what we are going through and who can put things into prospective –


A Tarot Reader can help you in many ways  -  especially if you are stressed and at a crossroad in your life. Why not allow me to help you discover your way forward.


I would also be happy to help you with any Relationship Issues  -  or assist when you feel that you just need guidance and direction at this time.


I can also help if you are Grieving -  and if you want to talk about a dear loved one who has sadly passed away. Sometimes the loved one may even come through to give you a comforting message and proof of life after death.


I can help you to lift the energy in your Home in order to make it a happier place to live, especially when there has been some discord. 


I will do my upmost to guide you in the right direction when you need a little support in life.  


I am a professional Home Telephone Reader and have  been a Reader for many years, and am well respected in my work. I like nothing more than to help someone who is  in need of my special skills, and I would be so very happy to give you a Telephone Reading to help guide you in the right direction. 


If you would like to request a Telephone Reading from myself, please call Patricia on : 

                                        0121 350 9169 

     And she will be more than happy to take your booking.



      Telephone Readings with Mia cost £30

                    for a 40min Reading.


   Fee Payable in advance by cash or Bank Transfer.


           Party Bookings can also be arranged 








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