Parking at Ash Centre

Poppy lane is a short - curvy - and very narrow road and neighbours are not happy with inconsiderate parking which prevents them from entering and leaving their own driveways and several have threaten to report badly parked cars to the police.


We would appreciate if you would park at the Grange Road end of Poppy Lane where there are no houses or driveways to obstruct.


Please do not make it difficult for people to drive their cars out of their driveways, by parking too close to their driveway entrance - or by parking directly opposite to any entrance to a house - including ASH HOUSE, because motorists are very often given no room to negotiate their cars either in or out of their own driveways.


This is very inconvenient to householders, and causes frustration because they need to search for a motorist whose car is blocking them in or out.

Several accidents have been caused by inconsiderate parking recently - and neighbours are understandably becoming less tolerant of bad parking!

PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE PARK anywhere in Poppy Lane.... Because the road is too narrow for cars to park on both sides of the road. There have been several accidents recently as drivers often don't have sufficient space to drive their cars in between the narrow space in the road between two cars parked opposite each other.


We ask for your help and consideration at all times when visiting ASH House. If possible, please will you park your car at the top or bottom of the road where there are no driveways to obstruct!


See plan below for guidance



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