Joining Ash Centre

We are always delighted to welcome newcomers to our very special spiritual family of ASH. 

The membership fee is only £10.00 from January until December. Membership of ASH is open to all, whatever the age, nationality, creed, colour or religion; all we ask is that you accept our aims and objectives to help each other and to
assist those in need in any way possible. Members are invited to take an active part in our truly “Spiritual Family” Besides growing together in Spiritual Development and attending Sunday services, ASH Members enjoy a very lively

social life, attending parties and social get together’s etc.
You can also attend workshops and some special events at a reduced rate.

All ASH Members are actively encouraged to decide the kind of activities that they would like to attend.

Your membership fee helps us to fund administrative and utility gosts and general overall expenses. 

We are not a profit making organisation and we need to raise funds in order to provide services at low cost.


                                                  AIMS & OBJECTIVES 
                      Of the Association of Spiritualists & Healers


    The encouragement of love, peace and understanding

    To share knowledge received from Spirit with those wishing to learn Spiritual Philosophy of life

    To seek only truth and knowledge from the Higher Realms

    To give service to the community and to those in need

    To lead others by example and to work willingly and  enthusiastically to fulfill these aims

 To become a member of ASH Centre, please speak or contact Pat on             0121 350 9169 

Contact Details:

Donations to Ash Centre are gratefully received and can be made via: 






 Bank Transfer.

ASH Centre
12 Poppy Lane


B24 0EJ


0121 350 9169



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USUI TEACHING REIKI TRAINING COURSES AVAILABLE, Contact Pat for further details on all Reiki training requirements

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