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We offer a big welcome to everyone at the ASSOCIATION OF SPIRITUALISTS & HEALERS

Paddy Sterrett

Life President



Paddy was a founder Member and President of ASH Centre from 1989 until he passed to Spirit in 2008 aged 79. He was a trance Medium who went into a very deep trance state, and one of his guides was Catholic Father O'Leary, a priest from Southern Ireland and a friend with whom he used to go salmon fishing.  


Paddy was an International Medium, working in Spiritualist Churches around the country and abroad. He was always well respected by members of his Psychic and Development Circles.

Paddy was a prolific writer of the Spiritual Philosophy of life, given by Father O'Leary and these writings were regularly featured in the monthly ASH Magazine, are currently being made into a book.

The Association of Spiritualists & Healers started in April,1989 when 20 regular sitters in Paddy's development circle became too many for the room where they held their meetings. A great deal of time was spent in deciding the name of our new group, as we wanted a name that members could live up too  - and within time other titles were added:



The Academy for Reiki Healing

The Academy for Spiritual Healers

The Academy for Crystal Healers


Members of ASH Centre like to think themselves as being part of a happy family in which we are all united in our desire to develop our Spiritual and Psychic gifts.


Activities held at Ash House


Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing or Spiritual Healing training workshops, 
Complementary Healing therapies are offered in warm and comfortable surroundings including:


Psychic Surgery

Spiritual Healing

Crystal Healing

Reiki Healing

Prana Healing





We also hold regular weekly Psychic and Spiritual development circles and workshops:

You can join our classes to learn Tarot card or Angel card readings.

We have excellent mediums who attend ASH CENTRE to offer Clairvoyant readings, Angel card and Tarot card readings.

At ASH Centre we have something for everyone! 

History of Ash House

ASH was officially established on 4th April 1989 - but had originally started as a  small group of twelve friends who met informally at 
12 Poppy Lane,  at a time when  Pat's mother, Winifred Rogers lived on the premises.  Numbers increased to such an extent that
we had to find premises to suitable accommodation to meet the requirements of  our growing membership. 

At first we moved from Poppy Lane to Kingsbury Road Community Centre. This was once a picturesque and warm Victorian Home which had been left by its original owners  to the people of Erdington.  We were very happy there, and for nearly three years.  Here we met  4 days each week, using two upstairs rooms to continue with our teaching and  meditation circles.  A couple of months later we started holding our weekly Sunday service with clairvoyance.  Our Spiritual Healer training started every Friday evening when our healers used to meet to send distant healing to those who had requested this service. Sadly, youths set fire to this Centre whilst our Sunday Service was taking place upstairs, and this resulted in the immediate closure to the public of this popular and well-loved venue.  However, luckily, we were offered rooms for hire at the Friendship Hall, Erdington - next to the police station, and we enjoyed meeting at this venue for nearly three years - but then new management upgraded fees to such a high level, that we had to move again. This time  to the welcoming Lyndhurst Centre Community Hall, Erdington, Finally, in 1994, as Pat's mother, Winifred Rogers, had passed to Spirit World, ASH members decided to return to their original venue: ASH House, 12 Poppy Lane, Erdington, Birmingham.  We still meet at this Spiritual venue today.   


Because so many people involved wanted to develop all aspects of the wonderful world of Spiritualism, we chose the title 'Association of Spiritualists and Healers' as a name to live up to - and as being most representative of our work and our aims. Patricia Sterrett has taught Healing since 1989,  and the healing school has provided an opportunity for people to train as Reiki Healers, Crystal Healers and Spiritual Healers  - as well as to receive very effective Complementary Healing therapies,  private healing consultations and counseling. and of course our very effective daily distant healing service.  

Paddy Sterrett,  life President of ASH CENTRE, passed to spirit 4th October 2008, but his wife, Patricia,  keeps the doors to ASH CENTRE open with the help and support of ASH Members and friends.

All of the activities at ASH are offered on a cost effective basis and not with a commercial attitude towards profit or gain.



Contact Details:

ASH Centre
12 Poppy Lane


B24 0EJ


0121 350 9169


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USUI TEACHING REIKI TRAINING COURSES AVAILABLE, Contact Pat for further details on all Reiki training requirements

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